BSSAH is a non-partisan and non-profit grassroot organization that advocates and promotes individual armament and defense rights in Turkey.

  • BSSAH is a transparent movement who is promoting and defending freedoms, fundamental human rights, progress in civilized world, recreational shooting sports via individual armament and defense rights. BSSAH's organizational goal is to live in secured and prosperous community. In this frame, volunteers of BSSAH believe that armed citizens with defense right are needed to build civilized community. 

BSSAH Demands; 
  • Fair armament conditions and licensing rights for all Turkish citizens. 
  • Improvements in recreational shooting sports in Turkey.

Our History;
  • In 2008; our group of volunteers have formed.
  • In 2009; BSSAH is established in Ankara Turkiye.

Our Logo
The orange color of logo refers to international symbol of safety. The traditional shield symbol points defense capability. Crossed rifles represent our readiness for self defense. Words can be translated to "Be Armed and Defend".

“BSSAH” is abbrevation of “individual armament and defense right”.